Looking for Colorists

Do you enjoy coloring? I am looking for people who enjoy coloring to test and promote pages from upcoming projects. You will be provided with a sample page to color for free. Your sample colorations will be used to showcase how a page can be colored.

Any age and skill levels accepted! I have pages that vary from youth to adult themes. I also create elements that will be sold separately for use in other people’s creative projects. So if you are a coloring book author you could also help with developing some of my packages.

Any projects you work on you will receive a copy of the final coloring page. Or a discount on a license. (Depending on what kind of project you participate in we will find a good compensation)

Please comment below with the following information to be considered for the team:

I am: Colorist, Author
Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Favorite Mediums: Crayon, Pencil, Digital application, etc.


After approval you will have to set up an official account at this website to gain access to the WIP projects. These private pages are where you will be able to download and color in your own style.


As a side note, i have other brands i work with that are looking to use colorists. Your skills shown with the WIP projects here will help show your abilities to join other projects in the future.

When posting online please include the hashtag #SuzyLeeLo and tag my account on the network you are posting to. I am active on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

5 Replies to “Looking for Colorists”

  1. I am Ashley Harding. I am colorist, I am intermediate with favorite mediums being wax pencils and alcohal markers. I use Facebook and instagram.

  2. Good morning Ashley. This sounds great! I love alcohol markers too! They blend so nicely. <3

    Thank you for your interest! I checked out your work on facebook. Lovely stuff!

    I will have an account established for you shortly.

  3. Hello! I’m Alisa Pine I’m a beginner colorist my favorite medium is colored pencils right now but I’m always playing around with new things, so it could change. Haha
    I’d love to show you what I can do!

  4. Hello! My name is Alisa Pine and I am a beginner colorist. My favorite medium at the moment, but I’m always playing around with new and different mediums so it’s likely to change at some point. I’d love th o show you what I can do!

  5. Thank you Alisa! I am excited for your enthusiasm! And this is the most important part about being a part of my team.

    I also love pencil when working on high detailed coloring pages. I would love to see some of your colorations.

    Are you active in any coloring communities on Facebook or Instagram yet?

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