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Free Mandala Coloring Page Template

It’s interesting the type of memories that are sparked now that I am a homeschool mom. I am teaching my children how to make a coloring book using Canva. She’s been working on a manuscript featuring the alphabet with colorable elements that begin with each letter. While we are working on finding elements that begin with [Insert Alphabet Letter], I had a memory come to me.

My grandparents were tech-savvy. I give them all the credit for my interest in tech. In particular, I remember my Grandma teaching me how to create coloring pages in a computer program called Arts and Letters. One of the first graphics editors that I was able to experience. She showed me how to find my own elements to use that came with the program. I learned to add text and simple shapes. She taught me how to print my creations out so I could color them in with pride.

Honestly, until now, I thought all the credit for wanting to be a coloring book artist was due to people like Art of Cristina McAllister who had inspired me greatly before I began my own path. But now the memories are flooding in as I help my homeschool children with their first coloring books, and I realize that all the credit is due to my Grandma. At a much younger age!

She always lifted us up and supported us in our interests. I am doing the same now with my children and following their interests as I continue doing so with my own.

Do you want to create coloring pages in Canva? I can start you off with one of my free mandala coloring page templates.

Grab yours here