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I will start to slowly release some of the vector graphics I have made for purchase. So if you are a maker yourself and would like to start to use my files for your projects keep an eye on the Digital Downloads section.

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Baba Ram Dass Quotes

Learning of Ram Dass passing last night hit me harder than I ever thought it could. He was a man I could relate to. And he inspired a lot of my earlier adult years when I was figuring it all out. A lot of lessons my own father started to teach me as a child were reaffirmed by the teachings of Ram Dass. I would like to present some of my favorite Ram Dass quotes with you that I personally find inspirational.

I can resonate with you in the highest place I am. So: I can do nothing for you but work on myself... You can do nothing for me but work on yourself! - Baba Ram Dass
from Be Here Now page 44

“As you quiet your mind, you begin to see the nature of your own resistance more clearly, struggles, inner dialogues, the way in which you procrastinate and develop passive resistance against life. As you cultivate the witness, things change. You don’t have to change them. Things just change.”

Ram Dass, on Meditation
The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can't be organized or regulated. It isn't true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth. - Ram Dass

“Shifting out of judgment means learning to appreciate your predicament and their predicament with an open heart instead of judging. Then you can allow yourself and others to just be, without separation.”

– Ram Dass, On Judgement of Others
Here we are here & now that's all there is. - Ram Dass

“Every religion is the product of the conceptual mind attempting to describe the mystery.”

Ram Dass
It's a little more like the image of a caterpillar - Encosing itself in a cacoon in order to go through the metamorphosis To emerge as a butterfly. The caterpiller doesn't say: 'Well now. I'm going to climb into this cacoon and come out a butterfly.' It's just an inevitable process It''s inevitable It's just happening It's got to happen that way.
Be Here Now, Page 12

RIP Ram Dass. He left us with great wisdom and so much Love. I intend to create some chakra affirmations plaques and quote magnets for my home that features some of these Ram Dass quotes.

What are some of your favorite Ram Dass Quotes? I would love to hear them in the comments below!

Who is Ram Dass? Read a more detailed bio at his website.

Catalog of Symbols

Chakra List

ImageHighlight Information
Muladhara - Root ChakraMuladhara – Root Chakra
Purpose – Foundation
Demon – Fear
Svadhisthana - Sacral ChakraSvadhisthana – Sacral Chakra
Purpose – Movement and Connection
Demon – Guilt
Manipura - Solar Plexus ChakraManipura – Solar Plexus Chakra
Purpose – Transformation
Demon – Shame
Anahata - Heart ChakraAnahata – Heart Chakra
Purpose – Love, Balance
Demon – Grief
Vissudha - Throat ChakraVissudha – Throat Chakra
Purpose – Communication, Creativity
Demon – Lies
Ajna - Brow ChakraAjna – Brow Chakra
Purpose – Pattern recognition
Demon – Illusion
Sahasrara - Crown ChakraSahasrara – Crown Chakra
Purpose – Understanding
Demon – Attachment

Sacred Geometry

ImageHighlight Information
Seed of Life
blessing and protection.
Seed of Life,
Blossom variation
Metetron’s Cube
Contains every shape.
All platonic solids.
Protection and transportation.
Piscis Eye Trinity
Strength and Power.

Flower of Life

Reiki Symbols

ImageHighlight Information
Cho Ku ReiCho Ku Rei
Sei Hei KiSei Hei Ki
Mental/Emotional Healing
Hon Sha Ze Sho NenHon Sha Ze Sho Nen
Distance Healing
For Master symbols please
send a private message to discuss.

Miscellaneous Symbols

ImageHighlight Information
Lotus BlossomLotus Blossom
Yin Yang, TaijituTaijitu
Yin Yang

This page is currently a work in progress to catalog the available icons that can be used for different engraving projects.