Sneak Peek: Animal Fun

My first proof arrived last night for the new Kids Coloring Book I finished creating. This is very exciting as it was my first official experience in the print world! I have primarily been selling digital downloads in my shops. But soon there will be more print books available from me! 🙂There are a couple pages I plan to adjust on this one.

I plan to publish by the end of the week! So stay tuned for that announcement.

World Mental Health Day Coloring Sale

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Has the recent times become more stressful than you’d care to admit? I know that I was struggling with a lot of the changes going on in the world. Everything is changing so fast and so extreme. It is even more important these days to have good mindfulness practices in place.

Today is #worldmentalhealthday2020 and we are planning a day of fun activities to do with the family. Quality time with the family is always a great way to keep a happy and healthy family.

We will be sure to squeeze in some coloring time together later. Art is one of our favorite ways to connect!

Coloring has many health benefits for kids, teens and adults such as:

  • Reducing Anxiety and stress
  • Helping to focus
  • Improving motor skills and vision
  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • and so much more!

In recognition of World Mental Health Day I am running a sale on all my coloring products till Monday, 10/12/202.

What are you doing to help with mental health and a balanced lifestyle? Today is a great day to begin new habits!

Have an amazing day!