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Custom Laser Engraved Gifts You Will Love

Need to buy custom engraved gifts or laser cut jewelry?

I create personalized laser engraved gifts and jewelry. Great for any special occasion and holiday!

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Add to your Sacred Jewelry collection:

There are several designs to choose from: The Seed of Life, Metatron’s Cube, Pisces Eye Trinity and Merkaba.

Have a custom engraving need?

I am passionate about meaningful creations! Life can be moving in many ways. How can we create magic in your world?

What People Are Saying

“My new distance Reiki box! Created by I encourage you to check out her site and art. I will use this box for my distance Reiki sessions. Beautiful craftsmanship Suzy, thank you.”

Judy FB Post
Reiki Box
Distance Healing Reiki Box

“Today was gift day and they were a big hit!! Everyone loved how each phrase spoke to them specifically!👏 #customgifts”



“I am extremely happy with how it all went.  Awesome communication, The product is terrific. Packaging was great.

I’m trying hard to find some constructive criticism, but I honestly cant think of anything.”

Mike – Drunk Octopi Fight Club
Drunk Octopi Drink Coaster Closeup


“The box is beautiful! I bought this as a Christmas present and am excited to see my friend’s reaction. Thanks for the care you put into your creations.”

Reiki Box
Reiki Box

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