Color Along – Heather and Friends Facebook/YouTube session

I had the pleasure to be the host for a color along in the facebook group Heather and Friends Art. My first color along ever! Originally I was planning to only be on for an hour. I was encouraged to continue on and it ended up being about an hour and 45 minutes of coloring […]

Coloring with Gel Pens Tip

Here is another Blending with Gel Pens example. This time on a heavier weight paper. I am using 65lb cardstock. It helps with this wet medium. If you would like to follow along draw yourself a heart and collect the following Tanmit gel pens with the codes: Pink P-05Purple P-06Dark Pink G-25Yellow P-01Light Green P-11Dark […]

Blending Tanmit Gel Pens – creating a rainbow gradient

Gel Pen Blending can be done! In this video I will show you how to use Tanmit gel pens to create a rainbow gradient inside a heart shape. I am using basic printer paper for this example. So I had to make sure not to overwork the paper too much. It is actually a lot […]