About Suzy LeeLo

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Hi there!  I’m Suzy LeeLo, a laser engraving artist who works in wood, acrylic, glass and tile. I also enjoy working with watercolor and acrylic paint, doodling with my pens and pencils. Therefore, I create things like coloring book pages, tattoo ideas, wall art for my home (or to sell) and art collaborations with my children. Other art forms I enjoy doing are Henna, crocheting and needlepoint techniques, jewelry making and wire wrapping.

Another passion of mine is creating digital art and have been bringing my digital art to life on my 50W CO2 laser engraver. I primarily enjoy laser engraving wood pieces. There is just something I love about the smell of burnt wood from using this incredible machine! Utilizing many different materials, laser engraving on shale, glass and acrylic produces interesting art as well. I am constantly trying new things and building out my collection of materials to work with on my laser engraver. I will also be doing cylindrical shaped objects that are laser engraved, such as shot glasses, mugs, cups, etc.

My big focus right now has been creating items using various metaphysical practices and sacred geometry shapes.  This allows me to create wall art, custom Reiki boxes and jewelry that really carries a special meaning. I have enjoyed making custom gifts for my loved ones, whether it be a lovey doll that I crocheted for a new baby in the family, framed wall art, personalized trinket boxes, name plaques and puzzles for my nieces, nephews and my own children.

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