Chakra Affirmation Plaques


Chakra Affirmation Plaques. Messages that reflect healing intentions for the Chakras. Buy the set and get one free! Customize with your own affirmations.

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These 7 Chakra affirmation plaques are a great way to activate your own inner voice and gently remind you of the positive space you could reside in. Hang them up in places in your home and work space to give you encouragement throughout the day.

Perfect decor for the Yoga Studio or any sacred space in your life.

The messages reflects healing intentions for each Chakra. Buy the whole set and get one free!
You can customize these with your own affirmations. Contact me for custom requests.

Read about Chakra Healing and get some ideas for your customized chakra affirmation wall art.

Customization Samples

  • I am a Courageous and Powerful Creator
  • I am open to Love and Kindness
  • Whatever You are, be a Good One. - Abe
  • I am Honest, Truthful, and Authentic
  • I am a Warrior for those I Love
  • I am Proud of the Work I Put into Everything
  • The Joy of Halloween is ≥ The Joy of Christmas
  • I am Creative, Strong, and Hard-Working
  • I accept Everyone for who They Are
  • I have a Tribe that accepts Me as I Am
  • I am Open, Clear, and Honest in my Communication
  • I am the Architect of my Life
  • I believe in Myself and Trust in my Abilities
  • I have a Family that Loves and Supports me


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