Jeremy Weinglass

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When I was young and living in Southern California I was part of a magical community. This community has many talented people that I have come to cherish. Some of them are attached to very personal memories that will never be erased in my mind. Jeremy Weinglass happens to be attached to one of them.

We would take a yearly trip down to Canyon De Guadalupe in Mexico. It was a fairly crazy travel situation. Especially if you were pulling a trailer with a performance stage that might break down before even getting there. (*Ehem* Unifier–  talk about getting things fixed quick so the show can go on!)

My favorite memory, however, would be a peaceful moment before sunrise where I am sitting alone in a hot spring tub and hearing Jeremy Weinglass perform a cover of Children, one of my favorite Robert Miles pieces. Having the notes envelop the canyons was a moment in my life where time felt like it stopped.

In this video you will find him performing another cover,  “Shallow” from A Star is Born, while having another friend of mine admiring him as a beautiful mermaid. (And yay Wolfie for a great job with the cinematography!)

I highly recommend checking out Jeremy’s collection of CDs. If you are still the type of person who likes a disc in hand to play for quality sound buy directly from him here.

Or if you are already an Amazon Prime member you can stream his collection for free there.

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