Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 10 pack

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I love my triplus fineliner markers. They are a vivid color. And can get in tight spaces. Fun to doodle with this many colors. They are triangular shaped so they won’t roll away and are easy to hold. I’m also a fan of the way the container can be propped up for easy access to the pens.

  • Fineliner with super fine metal-clad clip. Ergonomic triangular barrel for fatigue-free working. Dry-safe can be left uncapped up to 2 days without drying up. Features a stand-up wallet for easy access to pens. Ventilated caps in accordance
  • With iso 11540. Barrel and cap made from pp for long service life and low environmental impact. Water-based ink. No toxic heavy metals such as cadmium or lead-based coloring agents are used for the coloring of plastic. Staedtler does not
  • Use xylene and toluene as ink ingredients. Dry safe ink increases product life span. Environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Reusable box, phthalate-free material. 0.8 tip gives line width of 0.3mm. Assorted colors. Packed: 10.

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