Every day is a day to:

Birthday Scavenger Hunt 2021

Are you participating in the fun game I have set up to celebrate my birthday? Here are the details on how it will work:

How to Play

Every day there will be 2 clues released on to this website. You will find either a riddle or a password protected section. Find the clues and download the game tokens! At the end of the event you should have 14 letters to try and solve the birthday phrase with.

When the event starts begin by downloading the official game card.

You will receive a secret passcode with this special download. So be sure to get your free copy of the file and check your email for the passcode.

As you find letters use the game card to keep track. Find all the letters to solve the phrase.

The Recent Clues

  1. Who Am I?

    I am on different social media networks. I always provide one link to showcase my different links where you can connect with me. I’ve sprinkled some icons around my website. Can you find the first one?

    tip: Find the link by checking out any of my social media accounts. Or find that main biolink information here!
  2. Answer the Houses Riddle
  3. Have you browsed my online boutique yet? I have 3 major sections: Coloring Products, Engraved Gifts and Laser Cut Jewelry. But there is a third section: FREEBIES! There’s another sprinkled treat hidden at the entryway of my online boutique.
  4. If you were to read up on what I do at my website you would learn how may watts my machine is.

    What machine?!

    That’s right… I make things on my Laser Machine! You will find a lot of my art is available on wooden products.

    Find the birthday treat and find another letter!
  5. Answer the Marbles Riddle
  6. Have you seen my Gel Blending videos yet? I have one where I show off how to blend a rainbow with Tanmit Gel Pens. You will find another clue there! (Extra hint: Check out my extra tips & tricks section in the navigation)
  7. I did a color along a while back for Heather And Friend’s Art group. The coloring page I used for this event is still available to download for free!

    Have you seen my freebies section yet?
    This download has a birthday treat!
  8. Browsed my Pendants collection yet?
    There is one that I created for the release of my adult coloring book Floral Phrases: Coloring for Mindfulness.
  9. Answer the Riddle What am I?
  10. When You Wish, how do you keep it guarded?

    I have many single coloring sheets available for download. There is one in particular that is super special.

    This particular design was originally created during my tattoo apprenticeship I had when I was younger. It never was put on skin, but i turned it in to a coloring book page!
  11. I also have a cool product for kids and adults who like coloring.

    Wooden coloring pendants!

    These are a big hit with the kids. And make the adults jealous and want to come back for more for themselves.

    I have a few designs available at the moment. But I can take custom orders if you have an image you would like on wood.
  12. Which Chakra’s purpose is Communication and Creativity?

    I have a product service available where I help create chakra affirmation plaques. ( You can see some samples I’ve made for others… they aren’t all chakra designs. But the messages all correlate to at least one chakra if you really like to categorize them ❤ )

    Find out how to heal the rainbow bridge. And find a birthday treat near the answer of ::

    Which Chakra’s Purpose is Communication and Creativity?

    Another Tip: have you seen my customize section yet? I have a few options available. But Chakra Affirmation Plaques happen to be the most popular.
  13. Solve the last color riddle
  14. Last Clue: I love coffee! Don’t you? If you and I were to have a coffee date, what kind of coffee would I prefer?

Ready to solve the birthday phrase?

Here are a few hints on how to arrange your letters:

  • the letter C is in each word.
  • there is no E in the second word.
  • the letter A is in each word.
  • there is no I in the first word.

I hope you’ve had fun with this scavenger hunt!

☮️ & ?

Take a picture or scan your game card and upload it with your answer here

Optional: Join the group

There is a Facebook group that will support this event. It is an optional part of the event that you can join if you like. You can show off your badges as you find and color them. I will also be posting about the clues as they are released.

Join us on Facebook at #LeeLoFun


At the end of the event I will do a drawing from all participants who guess the phrase for a grand prize: 3 month subscription to my coloring club where you will receive 1 new coloring page every Monday. <3

Read more about my digital subscription here.

A winner will be picked by random number generator on the 26th. To qualify you will need to submit your answer and upload your completed game card here. (Google Form. Login required)

The Small Print

This is a promotion brought to you by Suzy LeeLo and is in no way affiliated or managed by Facebook. The data collected during this event is only acquired and used by Suzy LeeLo for products and services by Suzy LeeLo. By participating you give full consent to use your information collected for claiming prizes and future promotions.