Grateful: Family Love Friends

Floral Phrases – Grateful for Family, Love, Friends.

The most amazing post of 2021 has to go to MJ for sharing how she felt coloring one of my Floral Phrases pages!

I am so grateful that my book has been inspiring others all around the globe! Thank you for all the love and support. <3

Grateful for Family, Love, & Friends
From Floral Phrases
Artist Suzy LeeLo
Colored Using Paint 3D’s Watercolor Paint Matte feature, & Picmonkey’s Overlay, Darken, Add, Duplicate, and Textures featuresThis was really fun and calming to color. I am grateful for everything that page focuses on and coloring it distracted me from some craziness going on in my own life and in the world. I used a color palette that I don’t traditionally use but I am loving how the red really manages to pop. I can’t wait to color more from Suzy in the future as it really helped me get in a good mindset – which I have not ever experienced from a single page. I kept concentrating on the words on the page and how grateful I am to have an abundance of family prayers, love from around the world, and a never-ending supply of friendship that oftentimes turns into family. It is an unending cycle and I love the visual reminder.






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