Mandala Overlapping colored with Marco Raffine Pencils by SuzyLeeLo

Random Acts of Kindness Download

For Random Acts of Kindness day I have created this special download for you to enjoy. It contains 3 coloring pages and a kindness journal page for you to print as many times as you like.

Make Kindness the Norm! Including taking time for yourself to relax and color. It’s so much easier to be kind to others when you take a moment to fill your own cup.

This book contains 1 journal page and 3 coloring pages with the phrases:

  • Being Kind Matters
  • Meditate on Kindness
  • No Act Of Kindness, No Matter How Small, is Ever Wasted

Enjoy taking a moment to relax and color these pages. Hang them up on your wall and enjoy the messages they promote.

No Act Of Kindness, No Matter How Small, is Ever Wasted. Being Kind Matters. Adult Coloring Pages samples
Pages from the coloring book

Show me your colored pages

I always enjoy seeing what you’ve colored. You can send me a copy of your colored pages by responding to my email or tag me in your social media posts. 💜

When you make your posts tell us how you are sharing kindness today! Be sure to use my hashtag #SuzyLeeLo and tag my account.

Random Acts of Kindness Org

I’m a homeschool mom and I have to say that I was really excited to see that at the Random Acts of Kindness website you can download lesson plans! We are still at the beginning of the Kindergarten – 5th Grade lesson plans so I haven’t much to say yet other than:

  • it’s organized well and easy to follow,
  • everything is available online to download for free,
  • ELA, Math, and CASEL standards used,
  • and there’s emphasis on self-care for the educator (which I am a big advocate for).

I highly recommend checking out the RAK website. And I hope that more educators consider starting early to teach kindness at an early age.