Animal Fun Kids Fanny Pack Hip Bag


Does your kid have a unique name? How about the desire to be in charge of their own stuff? This fun Kids Fanny Pack can solve the carrying needs of any child who likes to carry and transport things! Personalize this hip bag with the name of your child and gift them the ability to…

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I had a problem to solve with my two girls. Whenever we go for a hike or walk through the zoo and places outdoors they would collect up many treasures:

  • seeds
  • acorn tops
  • fallen leaves
  • flowers
  • anything that catches their eye really

After a while their tiny hands would be so full they would ask for help carrying these things. Which I would insist they needed to keep hold of their own collections till we got home. Plus they had to somehow manage their water bottles, which eventually I cave in and say I will carry so they can carry all their precious finds. So I decided they needed their own fanny pack to help them! Bonus benefit about these? it’s on their hips! And they can clip a carabiner to it with their water bottle. Another problem solved.

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