Blick Premier Watercolor Block

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Looking for a better quality watercolor paper?  Try out this artist-grade watercolor paper pad from Dick Blick.

You will notice a HUGE difference using watercolor on 100% cotton vs the Student grade paper mixed with wood pulp.

At Blick, we pride ourselves on providing artists with high-quality materials at competitive prices. The paper in our Blick Premier Watercolor Blocks is made on a traditional cylinder mold in a European mill that has been making paper since the 1700s. Both internally and externally sized, its surface is created using natural woolen felts, helping it withstand scrubbing and other wet techniques without tearing. Blick Premier Watercolor Blocks are glued on all four sides, keeping the sheets flat and wrinkle-free. They’re great for painting on location — no soaking required! This professional-quality paper is 100% cotton, acid-free, gelatin-sized, and archival, ideal for watercolors, gouache, inks, and acrylics

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