Blending Tanmit Gel Pens – creating a rainbow gradient

Gel Pen Blending can be done!

In this video I will show you how to use Tanmit gel pens to create a rainbow gradient inside a heart shape.

I am using basic printer paper for this example. So I had to make sure not to overwork the paper too much. It is actually a lot more fun to blend your gel pens on thicker quality paper.

If you would like to follow along draw yourself a heart and collect the following Tanmit gel pens with the codes:

  • GN-11
  • GN-06
  • GN-07
  • GN-08
  • GN-09
  • GN-14
  • GN-10

As a side note: I have a paper towel off camera that I wipe the nib of my pen off with when it gets too much ink built up on it. It’s good to have a towel or extra piece of paper to help with any excess ink that is unwanted.

I hope you enjoy this gel pen coloring technique.


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