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  • Coloring is for everyone

    Coloring is for everyone

    🖍️✨ Coloring: An Activity for Everyone! 🧡 🌟 Did you know that coloring is an amazing pastime that’s perfect for people of all ages? Here are some reasons why everyone can enjoy the benefits of coloring: 🧠 Cognitive Stimulation: Coloring keeps your mind active and engaged, promoting mental clarity.🖋️ Fine Motor Skills: It helps improve…

  • Canton First Friday – Sept 1st

    Canton First Friday – Sept 1st

    Live art by Suzy LeeLo at Canton First Friday this September 1st, 2023

  • Day of the Dead 2021 – Coloring Contest

    Day of the Dead 2021 – Coloring Contest

    Are you ready for another coloring contest? Calaveras are a fun tradition to celebrate your deceased ancestors. Used during the Day of the Dead celebrations, a sugar skull would be decorated and placed upon the alter for spirits to enjoy when they return to visit. For our coloring contest this season we are going to…