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Pops Sugar Skull & Template – Halloween, Day of the Dead 2021


Calaveras are a fun tradition to celebrate your deceased ancestors. Used during the Day of the Dead celebrations, a sugar skull would be decorated and placed upon the alter for spirits to enjoy when they return to visit. Participate in the coloring contest! Join #LeeLoFun today and keep an eye on when the event is…



This download includes the line-art called Pops Sugar Skull, a design that was created for a coloring contest. There is also a blank skull template that you can use to create your own Calavera design.

I used elements to represent my father that everyone loved and knew as “Pops”. (among many other affectionate names.) He was a huge fan of succulent plants. And I remember a Kalanchoe Mother of Thousands plant that he got to grow so tall outside of his apartment. He would water it every day and give it plenty of nutrients. So the top of this skull starts off with a kalanchoe and water.

He was always a kind of funny guy so I enjoyed the spiral elements to help with that. You would always see a twinkle in his eye.

Most of my life he sported a mustache. And… he was the sun shiniest man I knew. So… here’s my sugar skull, in honor of Pops.


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