Skull Mask & Flower Template

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Personalize the mask template by adding your own choice of colors to the design, or photocopy it onto brightly colored cardstock. The top of the mask is embellished with a floral headband in the style of La Catrina, but these can be omitted for a simple skull


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  1. Print the mask template onto thin white or colored cardstock. Cut out the eye sockets with a craft knife, and then cut around the outline. Add color to the details, as preferred.
  2. Fix the tabs with glue or double sided tape to add shape to the mask. Attach lengths of ribbon at either side to tie around your head.
  3. Print the flower template onto yellow cardstock (at 120%), orange cardstock (120%), and pink cardstock (100%) and cut out with scissors.
  4. Roll up each flower from the outside edge into the center, and use the hot glue gun to seal the end down at the flower base.
  5. From the green paper, cut two pieces 4 x 6 in. (10 x 15 cm) and one piece 6 x 8 1/2 in. (15 x 21 cm).
  6. Take one piece and fold in half. With the crease at the top, cut from the bottom-right corner to the top left. Open it out, and you should have a triangle with a fold in the middle.
  7. Start making pleats from one corner into the center, and continue. past the fold to the other corner. Glue the bottom corners together and once dry, pull out the pleats a little to shape the leaf. Repeat for the other leaves.
  8. Attach the leaves and flowers to the mask with the hot glue gun in an arrangement of your choice.