When I first started on this Sacred Geometry pendants project I only made large versions that I personally enjoy wearing. But a 3 inch pendant isn’t always the preferred choice. Nor does it work with all body types such as small children or Men. It also started as a project to help my understanding of the vector application Inkscape to use with our laser engraving machine. I wanted to make a matching pendant to go with the Flower of Life earrings a dear friend makes.

Anyone who has children in their life know how much they want to mimic their environment. And my girls are always wanting to be like Mommy or Daddy. So much that our eldest daughter keeps insisting she have a haircut short like Daddy’s.

Then a friend of mine one day told me that he would even love to wear the flower of life but in a 1 inch size. So I set out to create a smaller version. My two daughters loved having their very own that “Mommy made on the laser engraver.”

The excitement and constant request for their own version that I decided to create this Mommy & Me pendant collection. This collection has four sacred geometry symbols in ten different sizes and styles. The Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube, Pisces Eye Trinity and Merkaba. Our kids will love sharing this collection of healing symbols jewelry with you and your loved ones.

These Sacred Geometry Pendants are for

  • Parent and Child
  • Him and Her
  • Someone who enjoys multiple options
  • This is for you!

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sacred geometry pendants for everyone
Update: The Mommy and Me collection is now available in the shop!





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